Daily Hatha Yoga App Reviews

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AutoPlay dysfunctional!

I would love it give it 5 stars if not for video auto play glitch in training mode. Please fix.

Sooo frustrating!

This app locks up constantly requiring me to close out and restart. Don't waste your $.

Bug needs to be fixed

I do like this app, but the music feature needs to be fixed. As I write this, the music from the app is still playing. The app won't let me shut it off. This has happened before, but I have been able to shut it off with the apps manual music button, but today nothing is working. It's annoying. If it wasn't for this I would probably give it a 5. Although, I would like to see more standing poses added, so maybe a 4.

Helpful Hatha

I was thrilled to have found Hatha Yoga in an app since it was recommended in a book I read. I like the fact that training poses are broken up into different position. This app lets me develop at my own pace. The various music selections lets me choose one to suit my mood. With this app I'm looking forward to strengthening my mind and body.


Awesome app! From the videos to the music! Love it!

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